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Thought Leadership

Transforming Tech Executives into Thought Leaders. 

The Brand and Buzz team uses a 7-step thought leadership development methodology to first position the individual right, in the industry. They then design customized initiatives to turn experts and innovators into rock stars in his/her respective industry.

Forbes: Strategies to Become a Thought Leader.

Leveraging its executive branding services, the CEOs and tech founders are profiled in major media, globally and invited to speak at industry conferences – as panelists, keynote speakers or host workshops. In addition to strategy, the B&BM team is adept at developing quality thought leadership content for targeted media and digital channels — from byline articles and opinion pieces to podcast and videos.

To help startup founders get visibility, B&BM also designs and moderates custom events and sessions on a variety of topics – emerging tech, data, cloud and security, digital transformation, future of work, challenges of the aging population, entrepreneurship and more.

According to Parna, “anyone can be a thought leader“.  All you need are passion and commitment of just 30-minutes-a-week to share your expertise with the world.

Let’s help you get started. 

Custom Panels to Spotlight Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders in the Media